Mathematical & Computational Modelling

Menatech Limited has expertise and experience utilising Mathematical & Computational Modelling due to the many diverse and unique challenges presented by its clients and also its own internal projects.

Mathematical & Computational Modelling requirements may arise in many situations such as during Performance Optimisation Studies, Design Sizing of a new Product Range, Expansion of an existing Product Range, during an exercise aiming to Capture of Critical Company Methodologies & Knowledge or simply as a tool to understand complicated industrial processes that are occurring and the sensitivity of the variables in the problem considered.

We are able to offer many forms of Mathematical & Computational Modelling but focus on the following specialities:-

  • Paper & Spreadsheet Analysis of Multiphysics Processes
  • Incorporation of Company Knowledge into standalone Windows or Linux Applications
  • Modelling and recording of Company Design Methodologies
  • Development of additional Front End User Interfaces in C++ and Visual Basic
  • Display and Visualisation techniques of the Modelled Data

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you with the above services.