IPR Development

Menatech Limited has expertise and experience providing Intellectual Property Rights Development (IPR) due to the many diverse and unique challenges presented by its clients and also its own internal projects.

Common types of IPR include patent applications, patents, registered designs and trade marks. Menatech Limited is experienced in developing strategies for protecting IPR and we have developed various IPR both in conjunction with our own internal projects as well as for our clients. We collaborate with international well-respected patent and trademark attorneys in London, England and can assist at any stage in the IPR process.

Particular specialities we focus on are:-

  • Assistance and advice in the development of Patent Applications, in particular those incorporating new technologies and processes that are difficult to describe
  • Development of IPR strategies and identification of appropriate markets
  • Evaluation and Proof reading of the proposed IPR
  • Specialist technical advice in relation to potential infringement of existing IPR
  • Interpretation and presentation of technical IPR into layperson terms to aid understanding

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you with the above services.