Finite Element Analysis

Menatech Limited has exclusive access to an advanced Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) suite incorporating amongst others Finite Element Analysis (FEA) capabilities. FEA is a computer simulation method allowing the detailed simulation of the structural response of a component to applied external forces, displacements and thermal loadings. In this way, the method predicts important performance characteristics such as stress levels, stress concentrations, thermal expansion and deformations which allows an in depth assessment of the intended concept design at a very early stage and significantly reduces the need for experimental testing.

Using this technique Menatech Limited can swiftly home in on an optimal concept design and verify that the proposed concept has a high chance of meeting the clients specifications at an early stage in the development cycle. We primarily use the world class software SolidWorks Simulation and also have many years experience with other well known industrial codes such as I-DEAS, Ansys and other low cost or free codes such as Calculix and LISA to call upon when needed.

We are able to simulate many types of structural analysis but particular specialities we focus on are:-

  • Linear Stress/Strain Analysis of Single Parts and Assemblies
  • Thermal Expansion and Thermal Stress
  • Small and Large Displacement Contact Analysis
  • Mixed Solid/Shells/Beam Models
  • Component Optimisation, Material Reductions & Design Optimisation
  • Non-Linear Materials, Vibration & Fatigue Analysis
  • Frequency and Buckling Analysis

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you with the above services.