Experimental Investigations

Menatech Limited has significant expertise and experience at providing and conducting Experimental Investigations due to the many diverse and unique challenges presented by its clients and also its own internal projects. These experimental investigations may cross over multiple fields requiring input from various specialists and may require the manipulation and control of many variables in order to fully understand the cause and effect of various relationships.

Menatech Limited has access to small and large scale fluid dynamics test rigs which are fully configurable and flexible to the needs of a particular project and we have carried out Experimental Investigations in many areas in multiple industries and fields.

We are able to perform many types of Experimental Investigations and provide expertise as follows:-

  • Formulations of Hypotheses and Identification of Relevant Variables
  • Development of appropriate Test Matrix, Trial Series and Experimental Procedures
  • Experimental Test Rig Design, Interfacing and Sourcing
  • Experimental Project Management, On-site Assistance and Overseeing of Experimental Testing
  • Collection, Reporting and Analysis of Results
  • Conclusions and Validation of the Results through Mathematical & Computational Methods and visa versa

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you with the above services.