Electro-Mechanical Design

Menatech Limited has expertise and experience utilising Electro-Mechanical Design techniques due to the many diverse and unique challenges presented by its clients and also its own internal projects.

In lay person’s terms, Electro-Mechanical Design comprises the analysis and design of equipment and products based on the integration of electrical/electronic circuits and mechanical systems. Such equipment and products can range from electro mechanical consumer devices such as electric razors to medical instruments, industrial machinery and complex robotic systems.

We are able to provide Electro-Mechanical Design expertise in numerous fields but particular specialities we focus on are:-

  • Event based motion studies and animation and analysis of the motion of Electro-Mechanical Assemblies
  • Kinematic modelling of component motion and analysis of forces in models that include springs, dampers, motors, and friction.
  • Interface communications between mechanically operated Instrumentation and Recording devices such as a data logger or PC
  • Design and specification of integrated Circuit Boards intended for R&D purposes, visualisation and proof of concept
  • 3D Modelling and Thermal Analysis of concept integrated Circuit Boards installed in their enclosures including cable routing

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you with the above services.