Chemical Treatment Device

The Problem

A wide range of unwanted organisms are found in natural, municipal and industrial waters including seawater. Some of these pollutants pose severe problems due to their resistance to biodegradation and/or toxic effects or can cause undesirable effects when used in a further process or if discharged into a new environment. Removal or neutralisation of these organisms is therefore desirable and is most often required by law. However, conventional electrolytic devices are generally bulky and inefficient.

The Approach

To address this problem, a concept in-line electrolytic disinfection unit was developed having space saving and compact features, high efficiency and a simplified assembly process. To effectively present the concept to investors and potential customers, virtual modelling techniques were used from the outset. This included initial concept modelling, 2D drawings and renderings.

The Result

The Electrolytic Disinfection unit is currently being assessed for its suitability for scaling up to prototype and industrial level. Initial prototype testing is also underway at small scale measuring the effectiveness of the treatment unit over a variety of voltage and current settings. Various electrode materials are also being investigated for their effectiveness at producing the required chemicals.