Rapid Prototype Filter Test Unit

The Problem

High-capacity reliable seawater microfiltration technologies are sought after in many sectors; oil and gas, aquaculture, water production and shipping to mention only a few. However, field tests and operational experiences show that many of the existing ļ¬lters on the market have inadequate self-cleaning abilities, resulting in serious clogging problems. This results in significant unexpected downtime, unscheduled maintenance, higher energy costs and inadequate water treatment with the risk of severe downstream process failures.

The Approach

From experiencing disappointment in applications using filtration systems delivered from reliable suppliers this project was initiated. Improved self-cleaning nozzle arrangements were developed improving reliability beyond that of the competition, this was achieved through the use of a specially designed Filter Test Unit that allowed several variations of filter screen and several variations of self-cleaning nozzles to be easily tested. Analysis of the results allowed a rapid optimisation of the self-cleaning ability.

The Result

The first mild-steel single multi-screen high capacity microfiltration unit was built in 2011 with retention capability at 40 micrometers and a flow rate of 3300 m3/hr. Later, a range of filter units were developed providing high quality filters in duplex steel quality at a cost competitive to that of inferior mild-steel products. The competitive advantages being massive weight savings, hugely improved quality and maintenance free housings. IPR development has focused highly and the products are successfully patented.