Hydropower Turbine Design Centre

The Problem

The rapidly growing worldwide demand for renewable energy provides an unparalleled opportunity for development of new high performance technologies with efficiency and cost being the main driving factors. Conventional hydropower features highly in this mix where the method converts potential and kinetic energy stored in a fluid flow into useable electric power. This high profile project was initialised to capitalise on this growing demand through the development of a new type of high efficiency hydro turbine suitable for hydropower applications.

The Approach

The development of a new type of energy conversion device required the specification of many variables, use of empirical data and suggestions and recommendations of good practice from previous experts in the field. In order to collate these into a complete system a ‘turbine design centre’ was created allowing the input of minimal data, automatic optimisation and output of performance and efficiency curves. This allowed a rapid comparison of several parameters and their effect on the turbine design.

The Result

The development of this device has progressed rapidly from feasibility stage to concept development whereby an initial prototype design has already been created and is due to be tested in June 2014. In addition, international and national patent applications have been filed and the project has attracted significant attention from government funding and international investors.