Pump Component Analysis

The Problem

As part of the design of a new pump range, several issues needed to be made regarding the dimensions and strength of particular components. The significant use of FEA software at the early design stage provided cost benefits to the company and helped lead to an optimised design with minimal up-front machining. The use of parametric modelling allowed the simulations to be repeated quite easily across the range which highlighted any problems due to scaling up.

The Approach

Various components were designed, modelled and meshed within the software. Multiple models with varying mesh densities were simulated to ensure mesh independence on the results. Where possible, finalised prototype designs were then machined and tested in the in-house lab. Comparisons of stress and deflection were then carried out in order to validate the results of the simulations.

The Result

It was found that the FEA software performed very well during the project and several potential problems were highlighted at an early stage. A successful use of the software led to the creation of an entire pump range and full production. Compared to previous in-house projects it was found that the use of the FEA software allowed a speed-up of the project of 2.5 times.