Wireless Data Transmitter

The Problem

Hard wire connection of instrumentation to a data logger in the field can be tedious to achieve and exposure of the cables to the elements can require frequent replacement of cables. This particular client required a cable free method of connecting their instrumentation to their laptop and/or smart phone.

The Approach

A wireless data transmitter between instrumentation and a computer or smart phone was developed. The wireless data transmitter comprises a small battery powered adapter with a cable that connects to the instrumentation equipment data output port. Internally it has a pre-built Bluetooth module, a microprocessor with a 20 Mhz timing crystal and a number of passive components.

The Result

The wireless data transmitter has been fully tested in the field and performed faultlessly. In addition to the wireless data transmitter, accompanying PC and smart phone software was developed to receive the transmitted data, record and perform required calculations and output graphical data.