Simulation allows the imitation of a real-world innovation by utilising an appropriate model to represent the key characteristics under consideration. Experimental approaches are conventionally used to provide a rich data set and validate computer simulation techniques. Current computer simulation techniques are extremely advanced and are able to significantly complement the experimental work. The goal of the simulation therefore is to prove the innovation is commercially viable.

Menatech Limited can provide targeted simulation services in the research and development stage for the following areas:

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

CFD is a computer simulation method providing detailed knowledge of internal and external fluid flows. We have 20+ years’ experience using these techniques and can identify optimal concept designs and verify the fluid dynamic performance of the proposed concept.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

FEA is a computer simulation method allowing the detailed simulation of the structural response of a component. We have in-house expertise using these techniques and we can identify optimal concept designs and verify the structural performance of the proposed concepts.

Experimental Investigations

Experimental investigations require the physical manipulation and control of many variables in order to fully understand various relationships. We have vast experience of designing proof of concept prototypes and performing experimental studies and can assist you in your own investigations.