Realisation occurs when the goals of the pure research and development efforts are achieved and a successful outcome is realised. At this stage, the focus of the work aims to refine the proposed concept to prototype demonstration level. Previously validated simulation studies can be scaled up, prototype manufacturing techniques can be utilised and the prototype can be brought to life with integrated electronics and control systems.

Menatech Limited can provide targeted realisation services in the research and development stage for the following areas:

Mathematical & Computational Modelling

Mathematical & Computational Modelling is required during performance optimisation studies, sizing a new product range, capture of critical methodologies or simply as a tool to understand the more complicated processes. We have gained real experience of using these techniques over many years.

Rapid Prototyping & 3D CNC Machining

Rapid prototyping can quickly fabricate a scale model of a concept physical part or assembly using 3D model data. Conversely, 3D CNC machining involves generating machining data directly from 3D solid models. We have long standing links with several suppliers and can facilitate this stage.

Electro-Mechanical Design

Electro-Mechanical Design integrates electrical and electronic circuits with mechanical systems. We have in-house expertise to help you at this stage and can design electrical and electronics concepts and integrated circuit boards for control systems and interface communications.