Innovation generates new ideas, methods or concepts, better products or more efficient processes. It is crucial to the continuing success of an organisation and often acts as a catalyst for dynamic growth that helps adapt the business to the present and future marketplace. Innovation can evolve from market research, end-user feedback or simply from thin air. Once it arises it is highly important to seek expert and legal advice to assess commercial potential and to record the innovation in a formal way.

Menatech Limited can provide targeted innovation services in the research and development stage for the following areas:

Innovative Conceptual Design

We aim to generate bursts of innovative conceptual design solutions to support rapid concept identification and optimisation of multiple design concepts through our experience and the application of advanced engineering and technology.

Virtual Modelling

We capture sketches, notes and writings and convert them into 2 dimensional drawings and 3 dimensional models in popular formats. We have access to advanced Virtual Reality presentation equipment and work closely with leading suppliers of state-of-the-art visualisation software.

IPR Development

Common types of IPR include patent applications, patents, registered designs and trademarks. We collaborate with international well respected patent and trademark attorneys in London, England and can assist you under a non-disclosure agreement confidentially at any stage in the IPR process.