About Us

Menatech Limited is an industrial Research & Development consultancy; our mission is to aid & support emerging innovative technologies.  We provide a range of advanced R&D consultancy services at pivotal points in the development process, from the initial conceptual idea through to prototype demonstration and have specialist experience in the energy, environment and maritime industries.

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Innovation generates new ideas, methods or concepts, better products or more efficient processes. It is crucial to the continuing success of an organisation and often acts as a catalyst for dynamic growth that helps adapt the business to the present and future marketplace.


Simulation allows the imitation of a real-world innovation by utilising an appropriate model to represent the key characteristics under consideration. Experimental approaches are conventionally used to provide a rich data set and validate computer simulation approaches.


Realisation occurs when the goals of the pure research and development efforts are achieved and a successful outcome is realised. At this stage, the focus of the work aims to refine the proposed concept to demonstration level.

Resoures & Facilities

Though we are only a small company in physical size, through our network of clients and connections Menatech Limited is able to access extensive and comprehensive resources & facilities that serve as an extremely strong platform upon which to provide our development and consultancy services.


Menatech Limited is a leading provider of Research & Development services to small, medium and large companies, in order to ensure that we remain at this level we actively promote a number of key philosophies.

Clients & Partners

Menatech Limited is focused on creating strong relations particularly in the energy, maritime and environmental industries and has several successful international companies in its Client & Partner base.


In brief, Menatech Limited works equally on its own internal projects developing emerging innovative industrial technologies and also offers advanced R&D consultancy services in several areas, We are focused on creating strong relations and have particular expertise in the energy, maritime and environmental industries. We have a number of successful international companies in our client base and are actively seeking to develop further client relationships in the UK and other countries.

Menatech Limited was founded by Dr Jason Dale who is heavily involved in the advanced R&D development and consultancy services provided by Menatech Limited whilst also holding the post of CEO. In addition he is also a founder of Sea-Lix AS and Moss Hydro AS. He holds the post of Director at Sea-Lix AS and Chief Technical Advisor at Moss Hydro AS.